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Courses & Workshops


A foundation course which provides delegates with understanding of conflict and introduces mediation concepts and how they are used to manage early stage conflict.

1 Day Course: £250

Effective Mediation Skills

An more in-depth mediation skills course, providing delegates with key practical mediation tools to manage everyday workplace conflicts and capable of being enhanced to ensure embedding of skills.

2 Day Course: £450 or 3 Day Course: £600

Conflict Management for Managers

A course to provide managers with a deeper understanding of conflict and help them to develop key strategies with which to manage workplace conflict with team members.

1 Day Course: £250

Managing Difficult Conversations

Designed to give delegates an understanding of what makes a conversation “difficult” and help them to develop key skills to have constructive, calm and informal conversations.

1 Day Course: £250

Effective Investigation Skills

This course provides delegates with an understanding of the requirements of a workplace investigation and the key skills to conduct a professional, fair and impartial enquiry.

2 Day Course: £450

Managing Discipline and Grievance

To provide delegates with an understanding of the key decision areas and the impact of decision making in the grievance and disciplinary processes, including conducting hearings and appeals.

Half Day Course: £105 or Full Day Course: £150

Mediation Awareness Workshop

This seminar gives delegates an introduction to the principles, the process and the benefits of workplace mediation.

2.5 Hour Course: Free

Mediation Refresher

This course enables mediators to practice their skills, develop best practice, share their experiences and build their confidence.

Half Day Course: £105 or Full Day Course: £150

Bespoke Courses

We can design and deliver a range of courses or workshops bespoke to customer needs across the services we offer in additional to those highlighted above. To discuss your needs please contact us.