investigation services


Investigation Services


We have unparalleled experience of investigating workplace issues, not only grievance and disciplinary matters, but customer complaints, Serious Incidents and Never Events (Health and Social Care), Whistleblowing through to theft and fraud.

Our service provides an impartial, transparent, thorough, proportionate and professional investigation which accords not only with legal requirements and best practice but organisational policy. The end result will be a clearly written report with appropriate conclusions including, investigation dependant, whether or not there is a case to answer, thereby reducing your risk of Appeals and ET claims.


To undertake a proper investigation, it is necessary to ensure that the timescales are realistic given the nature of the enquiry, seriousness and number of issues, number of witnesses and other complexities. We will work with you at point of referral to establish agreed terms of reference from which an appropriate timescale and cost can be arrived at. We aim to complete all of our enquiries within 30 days of commissioning.

We are happy to consider both a daily rate or set price dependant on the circumstances. For many organisations, it may be more cost efficient to have a contract for such investigations under a framework or call-off contract thereby benefiting from our speed, quality and familiarity with their business. This could also be linked to a training and mentoring program for internal investigators to raise the level of expertise and self-sufficiency within the organisation. Please see our courses in Training & CPD.

If you believe you need an investigation to be conducted or are otherwise interested in our services please contact us.